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The bystanders had not understood, and now they saw him as if nothing had happened. They all turned back to talk and laugh, leaving behind the sad song they had just played. Li Qing recovered as if nothing had happened, but he Ying's heart was a little uneasy. She took one look at yuan Qing and thought to herself, "Let's find a chance to say goodbye to them.". I'm confused enough as it is, and I don't want to get involved in these national and family feuds. After the meal, the party continued on their way. They went in the direction of the capital of Zhou. He Ying looked up and thought to himself, "If you go five hundred miles further south, you will find my hometown, Nanling City.". Let's go to our hometown and have a look. She has not seen her father, the heart always felt that there are many things to ask his father, besides, yuan Qing in the side, these days, their kung fu has recovered to 30%. He Tian is not to be feared. Thinking of this, she pointed to the direction of Nanling City and said to Li Qing with a smile, "Mr. Li, our brother and sister's destination is approaching, so I won't accompany you to Zhoucheng." Li Qing took one look at the south and turned to He Ying and said with a smile, "Is Miss yuan going to Nanling City?" Seeing He Ying nodding his head, he said with a smile, "As it happens, we are also going to Nanling City.". Brother yuan, there is a lot of fate between us. This sentence is directed at yuan Qing. He Ying did not expect that he would come up like this, and he could not help smiling bitterly. Everything is different, she thought. Li Qing, of course, will also change! Li Qing did not seem to find anything unusual about He Ying at all. He said happily, "There is a good friend of mine living in Nanling City.". My good friend's name is Lu Ming. "Hearing the word Lu Ming,calcium ammonium nitrate price, He Ying's body trembled.". Li Qing received the fundus quietly and continued with a smile: "My good friend has a forthright and generous character. Brother yuan will certainly like it." yuan Qing in the side of the two people's reactions are included in the fundus. Hearing this, he took one look at He Ying, smiled and said, "That's the best." He Ying is in a daze. She did not see yuan Qing's gaze just now. My mind has always been on Lu Ming. She had not heard from him since the battle of Xia Zhou. Now think of Lu Ming, He Ying's heart is more of a kind of affection, and not much thought of men and women. Even before, when she was ready to marry Lu Ming. There is not much love between men and women. For He Ying. Lu Ming is a person who can make her feel at ease in this world. In the identity of He Ying, there are really no two people who can make her feel at ease! Also. He has been married for many years. I just don't know how many children he has? Think of here. He Ying's heart is still faintly bitter. Lu Ming's transference, no matter how much she paid for it, will always be a thorn in her heart! When Li Qing saw He Ying in a trance, he gave a wry smile and his eyes darkened. Then he said with a smile, "Besides Mr. Lu, there are several generous friends there.". You two will be very happy to see each other. yuan Qing smiled, he looked at He Ying again, thought to himself, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, this Li Childe, seems to have recognized He Ying. All right, idle and bored, join in the fun is also a happy thing! At this time, He Ying also came to her senses from her imagination. She took one look at Li Qing and thought with a wry smile, "It seems that he has recognized my identity.". Forget it, if you recognize it, just recognize it! I haven't seen brother Lu Ming for a long time, and I really miss him a little! Nanling City is a famous water city in the south of the Zhou State. The traffic here is in all directions. He Ying hasn't been here for a long time. It's like a lifetime ago to enter the city again. Everything is the same, the same streets, the same pedestrians. However, you will find that these pedestrians have not been as comfortable as before, and their expressions are more or less anxious. If you look carefully, you will find that there are many people with outstanding temperament among the pedestrians on the street. Since he Ying arrived at Nanling City, he was in a trance for a while, and Li Qing was 100% sure that the girl in front of him was He Ying. After entering the city, they dismounted and walked. Among them, Li Qing was handsome and dignified, while yuan Qing was handsome and elegant. For a while, pedestrians kept staring back. Li Qing and others walked in front, and he walked straight along the way without hesitation. Pointing to the shops and pedestrians on both sides of the street, he said with a smile, "You two have a little peace. Lu Fu is at the end of Left Street. We'll be there soon." He laughed and said, "I've sent someone to tell him I'm coming. When we get to Lu Fu, we can eat and sleep." After a while, a small mansion appeared in front of everyone. On the horizontal flat of the mansion, there was a big word "Lu Fu". Before Li Qingren approached, he shouted, "Lu Ming, come out quickly to greet the distinguished guests!" The gate creaked open, and an old man dressed as a swordsman appeared at the gate. He looked at the crowd and immediately pulled the gate open with a smile on his face. At this time, a young man dressed as a swordsman strode out of the door. He was tall and straight, with a straight nose and a wide mouth. He looked like a typical northern man. It was Lu Ming. He saw Li Qing and yuan Qing at a glance, and after a surprised look at yuan Qing, his eyes turned to Li Qing. He burst out laughing and strode toward Li Qing. He rushed up to him and hugged him tightly. Lu Ming laughed happily and said, "So it's you, boy. No wonder a knight-errant came just now. He howled outside the gate: Lu Ming, come out quickly to pick up the guests!"! When I ran out, there was no sign of anyone. I was wondering, but I didn't think it was you. He spoke boldly and interestingly, and Li Qing and the knights around him burst out laughing. He Ying stood aside, quietly looking at Lu Ming. Not seen these years, Lu Ming in addition to a little mature, a little vicissitudes of life, everything seems to be very good. She breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly had an idea: it would be great to meet Lu Ming after such a transfiguration! After greeting Li Qing, Lu Ming looked at yuan Qing and He Ying. His attention first fell on the graceful yuan Qing, who looked at him curiously for a moment before looking at He Ying. He Ying's eyes,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he frowned, showing a trace of puzzlement. Li Qing looked at his actions with a smile, but did not open his mouth to explain! After the monthly ticket reaches 140. 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