Three legendary Madden superstars rated 94 and expensive

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In the history of the University of Southern California and the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is a player whose name will be remembered forever, and that is Lynn Swann. He has served as the chairman of the Presidential Sports and Fitness Council. When he was an NFL player, he once played for the Steelers brought four Super Bowl championship honors. This is also a jaw-dropping achievement to this day. Although he is not the top player in Madden 21, if players are willing to spend 499,000 MUT 21 Coins to get him, he will show his due strength.

The Dallas Cowboys can be called a legendary team in the NFL. Cliff Harris is a name only uttered by dedicated Dallas Cowboys fans, and the average NFL fan will probably do not know what the safety did, or that he existed Harris played in the 70s for the Cowboys and helped them win 2 Super Bowls. His 94 overall card in Ultimate Team goes for around 400,000 Madden 21 Coins and pays tribute to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor member.

Steve McNair is most recently remembered as the victim of a tragic crime that took his life in 2009. Though McNair ended his career in Baltimore as a member of the Ravens, he forged his legacy in Houston and Tennessee as a member of the Oilers and then the Titans once the franchise relocated. He is one of the few NFL players to win both the MVP and Walter Payton awards, which cemented the type of person he was. His 94 overall card goes for around 390,000 MUT 21 Coins and given his greatness that seems like a bargain.

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