First of all, we are going to talk about the graphics section.

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But fans that haven't had all the NBA that we would have liked are the consolation of going to the court with our favourite players at pavilions filled with 2K MT noisy digital spectators thanks to simulators like NBA2K21. And thanks to its successive evolutions of this game there is everything: realistic graphics, strategy, team management and the possibility of making a career in the NBA with our own"newcomer".

And it is that because 1999 Visual Concepts has been achieving the ideal basketball game concerning the precision of the simulation, the movements of the players (some unmistakable and lethal), the visual details of the same (like tattoos) and it is done a great job of upgrading all this with periodic downloads of modifications made by the game group when there are changes from the groups together with additions or deletions of new players. Does this make 2K21 a excellent game? Does it represent a significant evolution in comparison to previous editions? We will see later.

First of all, we are going to talk about the graphics section. There is but one word: spectacular. It continues to be the sport franchise which has set the maximum care in this section (which promises to be better using the newest generations of consoles) with three-dimensional modeling using beautiful detail. In addition to the aforementioned customized animations of every player with their peculiarities, realistic pavilions with exceptionally prosperous lighting and manifestation details make it among the decided strengths of NBA2K21. Not that you will find great news and improvements in this respect with respect to 2K20 but it was already an excellent match in that regard.

Among the most important aspects of a sports simulation game is precisely the gameplay. In the case of games such as NBA2K21 this comprises on the one hand the"activity", that is, the gameplay at the matches and on the flip side the part of history and manager, in which the interaction is less instantaneous but also very important. The most important novelty of participant control when they're practicing as virtual athletes is that the adoption of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT a new shooting system. Before to strike the basket, the important thing was to control the moment, now it's imperative to target with the rod to achieve a right shot. This makes hitting harder, but above all adds an element of realism and makes it essential for more experienced players to exercise again, which is a good thing that it does not seem like"the same thing "