Problem With Canon Printer Tips to Troubleshoot Them

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Step by step guide to fix canon printer not printing problem and resolve error while printing with canon printer

Canon Printer Not Printing Black

Canon is one of those brands that is very popular because of its high quality printer. But even Canon Printer ends up with different types of errors and problems after a certain point of time. Canon Printer Not Printing Black are one of those common issues that currently affect a wide variety of Canon printers. This problem usually occurs when users try to print something in black but due to various internal problems the printer is unable to execute it. Apart from that, due to some common system problems this issue also gets activated. Now, if you’re one of those who see this problem every day, you can follow this article to solve it.

My Printer Won’t Print in Black: What Should I Do?

For this error both the Canon printer and the device connected to it are responsible. There are a lot of problem factors which can cause this issue. Currently, the most effective way to repair the Canon printer won’t print in black problem, the consumer needs to first define those factors. That’s why we’ve provided some of the most important factors about this issue in this section. Look at them and try to compare them with your case.

1) Very Dirty or unmaintained Your Canon printer.

2) Use Third-party ink cartridges.

3) Check Outdated Printer Driver.

4) Check Faulty ink cartridges.

Now, if you’ve identified all the possible causes of the problem, let ‘s look at the solutions.

Best Ways to Fix the Canon Printer Not Printing Black Issue

There are several ways you can address this problem on the Canon Printer. But, to get a good result, you have to apply them properly. Below are some of the most successful solutions to this problem, take a look at them and try using them as instructed.

Check Basic Requirements

Canon users most of the time get this problem due to some common errors such as empty ink cartridge, incorrectly mounted ink cartridge, incorrect printing settings etc. Each consumer should therefore test these common items before going to any big solutions. Now, if all of the items described in this section function properly, then proceed to other methods in this section.

Clean the Canon Printer

After a certain period of time, every Canon printer needs proper maintenance or cleaning up. But, if the user doesn’t follow this rule or don’t know about it, then they may face technical glitches. Now, if you are one of those users then, it is quite possible that the Canon printer doesn’t print black issue is appearing on your system. Now, if you want to fix this problem, then try the given steps.

1) You need to open the printer first.

2) Instead, the paper output tray and the exit tray extension must be removed.

3) Make sure your printer tray includes at least 5 A4 size paper when doing that.

4) Now go to your Canon Printer Control Panel and click the Setup icon to start the cleanup process.

5) You can find the Tool icon on the Setup tab. Click setup

6) Inside the Tool window, you need to locate and select the Maintenance Menu. After that, hit the OK button to open it.

7) Now, in the Maintenance Menu, you need to search for the ‘Deep cleaning’ option. Once you find, select it and tap on the OK button.

8) Instantly a confirmation prompt will appear on your screen. There you have to select the YES option and then, hit the OK button.

The Canon Printer will begin its cleaning process after this. Wait for completion of the cleanup process at some time. Once done, reboot your Canon printer and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Use Genuine Ink Cartridge

This form of problem is often faced by Canon printer users due to the use of a third party cartridge. Printer manufacturers like Canon typically designed their ink cartridges according to the model or sequence of the printers. Third-party ink cartridge, however, can not design their product accordingly. This induces problems of misalignment in the printer. Currently, if you use some third-party ink cartridges on your Canon printer then you have to remove it in order to address the non-printing problem. Seek to print something after that, and check the issue.

Update the Printer Drives

The Canon printer can generate problems in certain situations due to outdated Printer drivers. Now, if you haven’t updated your Printer drivers for a very long time , it causes this problem. Now, if you want your Printer drivers to be modified, then follow the steps provided.

1) Click the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog window. Now type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box, and press either the OK button or the Enter key.

2) On the computer the System Manager window will open immediately. You must find the choices for the Printer Driver there and then right-click them.

3) Now, your computer should have a pop-up menu showing. You can find the Update driver option on that page. Click on the.

4) You just need to obey the on-screen instructions after that to complete the update phase.

When the updating process is through, reboot the system and check whether or not the problem still exists.

Now, Fixed Printer not printing black issues

We hope our solutions and suggestions are helpful enough to solve the problem of Canon printers not printing black. Keep following our articles for more Tech-related content.

Canon Printer Error E02

The E02 mistake occurred on the canon printer due to the printhead overheating. There are different ways to solve that problem. Many of these replace the printhead, restore the cartridges, rearrange the print head, then turn off the printer and remove the print cover afterwards.

Canon Printer Error E02 is one of those errors that acts as a workplace wall for all canon printer users and you need to follow the guidance provided in this article to troubleshoot it. That’s not a big deal any printer makes these kinds of errors, it’s not just canon, any printer will show such errors. Because it’s a machine and showing a machine trouble is quite normal so have the patient as the issue can be troubleshooted. As we all know Canon is one of those printers that delivers quality printing and the company is adding more and more features to its every new edition. So if it shows the Canon Printer Error Code E02 this doesn’t mean Canon isn’t a trusted brand.

How To solve Canon Printer E02 Error

So, just relax, be calm and read all the steps to troubleshoot the issue by yourself.

If you are looking for some online support then you can dial these numbers for immediate support through remote access. We assure you to provide the best ever customer services.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer E02 Error

Make use of correct paper for the printer

Not all paper in your printer can print the paper, so it is always best to use the manual documentation on what kind of paper is Canon printer ready to print.

Check for the paper whether it’s installed correctly or not?

To access the printer paper smoothly, a user must have the correct positioning of the paper. But if the paper is poorly positioned at the top side of the printer, before entering the printer, they are required to enter the printing process accurately. According to Canon printer support experts, it is essential to confirm that all the blades on each side in the inbox are well placed

Get an idea of the number of pages the printer can support the inbox

As we know that this error occurs only because of the pages cannot be read by the printer. So, it is essential to put an excessive amount of pages but that isn’t the right solution. So, further, it will be convenient users to first verify the manufacturer’s manual documentation to confirm that exactly how many pages a printer can support the inbox. It will help users to eliminate every possible problem in just few printing trials with a number of smaller pages.

Clean all the feed rollers carefully

Finally, a user should recognize that something may be restricting the pages before entering the printing process. So, as an essential task, do clean the inbox first

Even though the Canon Printer error E02 is not that critical, you need to follow the simple methods to solve the problem as mentioned above. Don’t worry if all these methods have been applied and the issue is still the same even after that. Only call canon helpline numbers and in a short time our technicians can look into the matter and solve the problem through http //ij.start.cannon