Tinker's Workbench in the Fallout 76 Items

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We found an armor mod here. Importantly, is a whole lot of fertilizer. That may be scrapped (broken down) into acid at the Tinker's Workbench in the Fallout 76 Items shed. Acid plus scrap fabric creates gunpowder (although you'll need a chemistry station to combine it). Ammunition is created by gunpowder plus lead and steel scrap. (furthermore, if you hang on to uncooked food or vegetables for a long time, they will spoil.)

Gilman Lumber Yard to the north of Wixon Homestead provides free wood, which might be useful to pick up before leaving for the Overseer's Campsite to the buy Fallout 76 Weapons south. The Overseer will have abandoned you a cache of equipment inside her trunk, and there will be other things lying around , also. Just take all the crap, break it down in the armor or weapons bench, and store it at the Stash Box.

Get to crafting pronto, cook some raw food which you have, and get moving southwest to Flatwoods, keeping your machete outside to deal with the mongrels and Mister Handy you strike on the street there.

Flatwoods is southwest of the Overseer's Camp, and it includes a broad array of materials, consumables, items and missions in order to help build your character up before adventuring elsewhere. These utilities, and the Stash Box at the Red Rocket along with the weapons and armor chairs straight back in the Overseer's campsite, will help you maximize the crap you scavenge before setting off north to your Morgantown Airport to keep the main quest line.