Two optional Celtics legends in NBA 2K22

If 2K players want to create a legendary team, there must be a few legendary superstars in the team.

No matter how far NBA 2K develops, no matter how much player cards are added in 2K, it cannot conceal the glory and honor of those legendary players. If 2K players want to create a legendary team, there must be a few legendary superstars in the team. The upcoming NBA 2K22 is a new opportunity. If they want to achieve outstanding achievements in this generation of 2K, it is necessary to prepare some 2K22 MT in advance.

Former Celtics player Kevin McHale won three championships during his time with the team and was selected to the All-Star team on seven different occasions. As was the case with the other five members of the Celtics winning team from 1985 to 1986, McHale started coaching after the end of his career and also tried to serve as a TV analyst. In terms of rebounding, he is one of the best players in MyTeam, and he also has some impressive statistics in athletic ability, defense and scoring. His biggest weakness is his passing vision and steals. But in addition to these areas, he is solid in all aspects. There must be better centers in the game, but not too many.

With 11 NBA championships, 5 MVP awards and 12 consecutive All-Star selections, Bill Russell is one of the most successful players in game history. Of course, he spent his entire career with the Celtics, during which the Celtics absolutely dominated the sport, which certainly helped, but despite this, it was an impressive record. Russell is definitely a beast in rebounding. He scored 98 points in offensive and defensive rebounds and is backed by strong athleticism. His scoring data is uneven, but his dunk data is not bad, and his NBA 2K22 MT is also very strong.

These two Celtics are one of the few insider superstars in NBA history, and they are most suitable for players who want to strengthen the team’s inside offense and defense. But high abilities also correspond to high prices, so if players cannot pay by then, they can seek help from GameMS to buy many cheap NBA 2K22 MT to achieve this goal. If you have any problems, just find it to solve it.