Reasons Why TheOffice 2016 – Professional Plus Version Is Worth The Hype

Since the day the Office 2016 – Professional Plus was introduced to the world; people haven't stopped talking about it. Thanks

Since the day the Office 2016 – Professional Plus was introduced to the world; people haven't stopped talking about it. Thanks to its marvelous features, this version has to be one of the best ones you can find. You can create, publish, present, and communicate a professional-looking document quickly.

What’s more, you can give your documents a modern look with the help of built-in collaboration tools. Isn’t that great? You can also save the work or documents in the cloud on OneDrive, allowing you to access it anywhere. So this explains why this particular version is getting so much love.

  1. What’s New?


  • With office 2016 professional plus,finding program function no longer takes up a lot of your time. How does it happen? You get the "Tell Me" search assistant, which makes the searching process much faster
  • Excel is made more advanced as there is an auto fill function. This specific function is responsible for detecting the pattern and automatically filling in the details. This also lets you forecast data series along with shapes for the future easily
  • There is a "Black Theme" for the screen background for eye-friendly working
  • There is a Publisher built-in online Photo print option. The option is responsible for bringing professional results while saving time simultaneously


  1. Quick Navigation Thanks To the User-Friendly Interface

The Microsoft project professional 2016 product key provides an intuitive user interface. This interface allows quick navigation within all the programs. If you are looking for a fast finding feature, you get Revised Ribbon within the newly introduced functions. Along with this, the "Tell Me" Search wizard also offers great help in your search.

It allows you to locate your desired functions to help you use them efficiently. So while doing your work, you do not have to spend too much time searching the functions. After some time, you will be familiar with the functions, which will allow you to make the best out of them.

  1. New Communication Option

Are you looking for a way to stay connected with your colleagues and employees? Then the integration of Skype for Business can be an excellent feature for you to use. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 brings new opportunities in the field of IP telephony, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

With such a marvelous feature, you can exchange information, clarify the projects, and even ask a few questions. Exchanging data will take place through cloud services offered by OneDrive. You can also expect this feature to be included in the list of office professional plus 2019 features.

  1. Based On Windows 10

Like theMicrosoft project 2019 activation key, the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is based on Windows 10. You will be surprised to see how well these two programs match. In addition, there is the touch devices optimization provided with this version. So, you can expect to work flexibly.

Along with this, you do not have to worry about the place you are at. You can be creative almost anywhere using this. As a result, you can increase your business's productivity without limiting yourself.

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