A handle for manual actuation is connected

Gate valves are ideal for isolation of general purpose flows

Gate valves are generally used as shutoff valves dual wafer check valve to isolate equipment or sections of pipe.Ball valves might be designed therefore the flow is closely proportional towards the rotation from the closure element. This is called a “modified equal percentage” flow characteristic. This makes ball valves suitable for active charge of media flows .


Gate valves are ideal for isolation of general purpose flows, and for high-pressure and high-temperature applications where operation is infrequent. For this reason, manual operation is normal and generally accomplished through a multi-turn handwheel assembly, although mechanical, pneumatic and electric actuators are available.


Ball valves possess a spherical closure element having a round or other-shaped hole within it. Aligning the hole with the flow opens the valve, and placing the solid outside from the ball within the flow shuts the valve. The ball rests over a valve seat, along with the stem is inserted into the top in the ball. Packing and washers round the stem prevent leakage. A handle for manual actuation is connected to the stem. Stops maintain the handle from rotating over 90 degrees.


Deciding from your ball valve or gate valve is dependant on various factors like price, where and exactly how the valve will probably be used, along with the materials that will likely be flowing over the valves. You may find that you just choose one or perhaps the other, or a combination of both.


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