A Simple Yet Effective Solution of Clean Environment

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In a universe of manufacturing or servicing, companies are looking for fresh ways to improve their outcome, may it be sales or output. Most of the time they end up searching answers in their books or human resource, but not all of it. Sometimes the most obvious answers are in front of us or in this case below us, but we never realize it. Yes, we are talking about the importance of keeping our place of business or residence spic and span. It helps us maintain our state of mind focus sharp, which ultimately help us achieve our desired goals.


Unleashing the power of wax dirt

You are wrong if you think dirt is a minor deal. A recent survey confirms how a clean surrounding reduces the level of stress of a person. The first thing that needs your immediate attention is the floor as dirt mostly gets transported in because of foot traffic and other environmental factors. After a while, the dust starts accumulating and when it comes in contact with other pollutants sweeping or mopping are just not enough for keeping a hygiene free environment. The only option left now is to call a Settee cleaning Manchester services.

How to strip and seal 

The process of strip and seal involves stripping or removing the old sealer from the floor and ceiling it with many layers of coats.

  • First, you remove all your furniture and obstruction and run a dust mop over the floor to remove the loose debris. Tape off any doorways and carpet areas and put out wet floor signs.
  • Now put water in the stripper bucket, and add the stripper.
  • First spray baseboard stripper on the baseboards. It gets the built-up wax and dirt off the baseboard. Give it a few minutes to dwell.
  • Use a swivel utility pad also called doodlebug to remove the built-up wax and dirt on the baseboard. Use a rinse mop to remove the remaining build-up and you are done with the baseboards.
  • Then add the floor stripper to the bucket, use a saturated mob and flood the floor. Give it 10-15 min’s and remove the build-up wax along the baseboards by using a doodlebug.
  • Double scrub the floor with the floor machine, black stripping pad is used for best results, the floor gets very slick so be careful. Now that you have scrubbed up the floor finish, it’s time to dry the floor with a regular mop.
  • Take a bucket, add the floor finish and a can of the liner, saturate the mop full of wax and with a little tap you are ready to go. Start off by doing the outline of the area, reload your mop with wax and fill in the centre. If you can’t do these things, you should contact Upholstery cleaning Manchester service.
  • Give it another coating after 30 min. Coat at least 5-6 times to get maximum results.

Some of the places where strip and seal polishing is occasionally used are Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Household floors, Pubs Clubs and factory floors