That would definitely be the OSRS gold

That would definitely be the OSRS gold reverse of what I want to achieve. I think there's openness in Jagex to listen to ideas

That would definitely be the OSRS gold reverse of what I want to achieve. I think there's openness in Jagex to listen to ideas, so long as they are widely carried. That is why having a discussion, listening into the pro's and con's of all viewpoints that I don't personally hold, will help give a longer hollistic view of this whole update, and Jagex will appreciate that and take notes.

It is a huge place I had a lot of pleasure in rear when pvp was disabled, and I have mostly avoided it ever since. I feel there are a lot of people who avoid it as much as possible, so I figured I would simply ask and see exactly what folks thought.And if it turns out I'm wrong and the current wildy is the ideal compromise for everyone, I can live with that without needing to matter"what if..."

Honestly, I don't care what is done with all the wilderness. As a lower mid level runescape participant, there's absolutely no reason for me to really go out there. Can not do strykes or moths, there's better mining and herblore locations for my degree, agility course is too far from the way (no demonic skulls to make it worth, either) and cursed energy until getting innovation is hardly worth trigger a PKer includes a tent set up there and also 100-deaths me in 3 minutes cause I just got ~7000 hp and just 65 def. I really don't need to waste my damn period running around that blasted hellscape to perform skilling since there are better, more suitable things for me to perform as a way to train. To me, it is a big empty void of space that holds no value now.

Thank you for your answer, it's fantastic to Buy Rs gold listen to from non-maxed runescape players also! You adress some valid points, the wilderness in its present state is... simply weird. Mainly because everyone avoids it because the blasted hellscape it's, they haven't placed much emphasis on it in quite a while.