Wonderful system of Nurse calls integration!

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Rauland, it is the division of the AMETEK, Inc., it has also been well recognized for the technology of production and Engineering Leadership.

Rauland, it is the division of the AMETEK, Inc., it has also been well recognized for the technology of production and Engineering Leadership. Rauland for rewarded enabling the new methods of LED testing that has enhanced completely through the accuracy, though also achieving the significant kind of the savings in the fixture as well as the operational costs.

The award of the Manufacturing Leadership Award would be well presented Summit. It is also based on the work that could also enhance the differentiation of LED color for the corridor lights which are used outside the patient rooms in the hospitals. The Rauland Responder 4 is also the most effective tool which is used in the hospital rooms.

Seamless integration of the Responder IV system of nurse call to Rauland Responder 5 nurse call system allows the user of Responder IV to take the advantages from the most advanced features related to the Responder 5. The single kind of the interface for the SIP wireless phones offers the most instant voice communication which is between the patients as well as caregivers on Responder systems. Simple to use software of Responder 5 interface permits the caregivers to get assigned to the Rauland Responder IV and rooms of Responder 5 and also to have one kind of the interface to view the patient census, nurse call reports and the patient call activity. The Centralized code blue just attained with the Responder 5 also console to display as well as answer the calls from the systems. It also helps to save time as well as money though enjoying new set of the capabilities through uniting the Responder 5 through the existing system of Responder IV.      

Responder IV offers the set of the capabilities and much more for the solutions of advanced communication:

  • Flexibility of Communication to fit occasion and also the work style
  • Routing of the Automatic call for quick and early response times
  • Direct phone communication having the assigned and designated patients
  • It includes the Pocket pages to receive the patient calls
  • Precise and Clear information for quite efficient response
  • Software of Optional reporting for analysis of workflow, response times, staffing and different factors which are affecting the high quality care
  • The complete customization of the call station that perfectly matches with the terminology of hospital.

The flexibility of the Responder can simply accommodate the changes of the shift and also reassignments of the patient-to-staff. It is simply expandable, with the growth of the modular system with the needs of facility and needs of the patients. Simplified wiring along with the system design permits for simple service and installation. Responder IV is also known to be most versatile adequately to support the entire facility – all through the various different departments, to extend further with the workflow capabilities.

With the highly installed base of the call systems of high-end, Responder IV has now earned right to known as best nurse call system available in the market.