Enable Direct And Fast Hospital Communication

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Direct, fast communication between nurses and patients is one of the bases of good quality patient care. When you will search online, you will find that there are many tools and techniques are available that can in the excellent way.

At the core of the Rauland Responder 5, the platform is its intelligent nurse call system. It allows their patients to identify what type of help is needed, and offers a clear double-side communication way between patient and nurse. With each and every deployment, already intuitive design of the system is further modified to assist support the way that your team does their work. There are different nurses that have complete tools and information they want to quickly respond, and to effectively meet needs of their patients in an excellent manner.

React to the needs of patient, not only patient calls

With the help of Rauland Responder IV your clinical employees wouldn’t just understand that a patient wants complete assistance, they would even recognize what it is they want. Even to the usual nurse call system, the patient unit contains particular buttons for ‘water’, ‘pain’ and ‘toilet. The particular nurse can directly talk to the patient– and no issue where they are on the specific site - to confirm them that anyone is coming to help, or to further make clear their requirements.

Help confirm safety of the patient

Obviously identifying patients of high risk is very important to confirming safety of patient and outside corridor lights of the patient room alert their staff high risk status of a patient - whether it is higher chance of infection, falls or some other risks. Special types of patient needs are even obviously signaled on the management console of nurse. Rounding functionality of Rauland Responder 4 allows their staff to set-up automatic rounding reminders at different gaps and in the line with needs of their patient.

Notify clinical decision making

Complete reporting functionality of Responder gives complete insights into ward functionality and highlights any possible resourcing challenges. Like, different types of reports run on reaction times can be completely based on the type of nurse call, particular rooms, specific dates, or by exceptions based on rule. Managers of the nursing unit are very much capable to make intelligent decisions in the everyday running of their ward, and to completely access important data that assists guide discussions of strategic planning.

Keep secure with regular rounding

Give all the important and automatic rounding reminders first visually to the light of corridor and, when done, repeatedly document the action to the EMR – eliminating the tedium of making up to date paper records.

Give complete security when patients are most susceptible

If talking about the solutions of responder then they give 2-way audio communication from the bed of patient and toilet to the phone of caregiver for instant response and assurance.

Separate infectious patients

This type of responder solutions simply identify as well as assist isolate infectious patients to enforce different type of policies and give comprehensive reporting on contact along with these patients.