With Everything That RS3 Has to Offer

Because I enjoy achieving them in-game I just set aims and play.



Because I enjoy achieving them in-game I just set aims and play. Some thing constructive criticism they have though because sometimes that's the way things get noticed/fixed should be voiced by People. Personally, I had been in the camp against the MTX, but I made an Ironman account and have not looked back since. With everything that RuneScape Gold   3 has to offer, if you can not find some way to make it interesting then perhaps you only need a break. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk, just my two cents.

Legacy Mode - Does not receive the same DPS. Most went to OSRS. It is the Copy and Paste MTX event deal that ruins them. They didn't alter enough up to ensure it is similar but exceptional, in regards to this August Beach occasion. There were frustratingly harsh RNG to acquire items and problems with Clawdia. Had plenty of small problems that turned it into a wreck.

Arcaeology XP is slow because of Jagex not wanting people with Invention was to buy a 99 in 24hrs like. For an AFK skill it isn't that bad though. Clan chat was lit up (in a good way) because of it to be fair. DXP declared - Shauny said it best, these used to feel like Christmas but the once a quarter is a bit much. Annually should be 2x. What's going to be funny is the US Government intends to have areas of the United States return to normal (areas like NYC might be in June) so many will overlook anyhow. Also there is frustration for those within my clan that hit 120 and 99 griping that Arch should not be contained. I agree with them.

Treasure Hunter is cancer to OSRS gold mobile . They're making it more honest, but as long as it is MTX based it is still gambling. It's getting closer to become tolerable. The prior cat occasion had rewards which were challenging. Which is probably why the consumer care post got downvoted so much (I upvoted it because of it speak about the near future ). They lost money with this.... This isn't their fault. Apple sucks for any developer to work with, it is a Jagex problem.