Champions Guide for League of Legends Beinners

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To begin with it is best to get to grips with the core concepts of the game. Play through LoL Account basic training and get familiar with the broader concepts such as minion waves, towers, skills, and items. Armed with this knowledge you’re now ready to start experimenting and finding the League of Legends champions that click with you.

Choosing A Role In League Of Legends

In a game of League of Legends, there are 1 of 5 roles players can take on, each with their own function in-game. These are what each role can accomplish. It's recommended to try each roll to find what fits comfortably with the player. Also, as its a team-based game, it's important to consider what role is needed for the team to succeed in battle.

Support: This role is to protect and support the ADC. If needed, this means taking hits and sacrificing their lives so the ADC can survive. Abilities focus more on crowd control like silences, stuns, slowing down the enemy. Their main mission is to support the team.

ADC/Marksman: ADC stands for attack, damage, carry. This role is responsible for dishing out damage to the enemy team. While these roles can attack and kill pretty easily, they are also one of the weakest in terms of defense. Using gold (gold will be mentioned later) the Marksman can become stronger.

Tank: It sounds exactly like what it is. The Tank roll requires players to take in all the heavy damage since they have a higher defense. They can also help control crowds with support. This role focuses on taking down the enemy team Marksman and holding them in place while the rest of the team arrives so they can kill them together.

Jungler: The jungle is an area in the Summoners Rift. In the jungle, this roll can grow experience quickly without having to split it with the rest of the team. They will also be responsible for killing creatures to gather XP. Junglers are fast and can deal plenty of damage.

APC/Solo Mid: APC stands for ability, power, carry and this role can also deal with plenty of damage. This role does not need support with them. This role gains the most XP by focusing on themselves and collecting it in the middle lane.

Fighting Basics And Practice In League Of Legends

Each champion has an auto-attack and their own abilities to use. To use auto-attacks, click on the enemy and the game will do it automatically. Although abilities are a bit more elaborate. each champion has a few special attacks they can use. Each one also has a cooldown time in order to use them again, so be careful not to incorrectly time when the use these. Also, items the players purchase at the shop can be assigned to the 1-7 keys.

Working In Teams In League Of Legends

League of Legends is a team-based game. There's absolutely no way around out. Working together with other players and properly selecting the roles the team needs is essential to emerging victoriously. It's important to communicate with the team as well. For example, if the team is rushing one specific section of Summoners Rift, that needs to be communicated. There's a reason why these roles exist, as each one picks up the slack of the others. One bad apple can ruin the entire game. As a new player, it's recommended to begin playing as each role until one feels like the right fit. Once it clicks, grind with that character until the player sees improvement.

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