Mandala Tattoos – All You Need to Know About this Artwork

Tattooing is one of the biggest and rising creative industries as of now, and it offers a wide range of designs for tattoo fanatics. Out of many, mandala tattoos have been extremely popular, and it has got some great meanings. Go through the post to learn some useful facts about the design

Gone are the days when mandala was as a sign for signifying a small group of people. But with the course of time, this particular form of design has become an integral part of the mainstream tattoo culture.

One of the major reasons that made the art form so popular is its simple and beautiful designs with a wide range of meanings. On the top of that, these designs can combine with any given tattoo design.  This post would reveal some interesting facts about this particular form of art.

Meaning of Mandala Tattoo

Meaning-wise, Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “circle”, and as a tattoo, it is composed of shapes and symbols that radiate from the center outwards in a circular pattern. Just like a circle, mandala tattoos reflect eternity, balance as well as perfection. It is also a design that emulates the sense of harmony.

The actual meaning of tattoos in Hindu and Buddhist culture is that it is a dream and it signifies the search of a dreamer for wholeness as well as self-unity. The best thing is that this tattoo can include other meanings also and this is one of the most interesting parts. It has got a lot of wholenesses, and it symbolizes a journey.

Mindfulness of Mandala Tattoos

One might not find mandala tattoos appealing, but they have the ability to absorb the mind in such a way that let the person to be calm, peaceful and mindful at the same time. The ultimate goal of this art form is to numb the chattering thoughts and let the observer become more aware about the design.

People getting mandala design on their body for getting a higher level of awareness are very deep indeed. Make sure to get the design only from the best tattoo studio in Phuket or from a preferred location. Make sure that the artist and the studio have got the valid license.

Trends and Inspirations in Mandala Tattoos

Because of the fact mandalas are common in different cultures; there are lots of inspirations available for the same. They are available in

  • single form or divided into two different halves
  • tribal or floral patterns
  • triangular or square shapes
  • black and white or vivid color

Experts have stated that henna art is a major source of inspiration. Flowers have also been a persistent muse for mandala designs as they have got a natural symmetry. These tattoos might get a different name as well as meaning, but the basic meaning suggests that they are spiritual words of life. All these have made this design a popular choice for the people who look forward to love a spiritual life.

Popular Designs

Mandala is one of the most versatile forms of tattoos, so people can choose the one that suits their character as well as style. One of the most common forms of the mandala is the center of the universe. Another popular design available is in the form of a rose window that is usually seen in churches.

Make sure to visit a professional artist of a reliable studio to get the best and the most amazing mandala tattoo. In case of any query or suggestion, please feel free to reach below in the comment section.

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