Best Carpet Types for Pets In apartment 2021

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Best Carpet Types for Pets In 2020

Just like every other family member living in your house, your pet deserves to have a safe and comfortable living space for them. Either you are a cat person or a dog person you have to think twice before buying a new carpet for your home. 

Your pets use the carpet as much as you do (you may not know it but it is the hard fact) so it is smart to purchase a product that is comfortable for them. 

Besides being a cozy bed for pets, such carpets are very easy to clean. You don’t have to scrub the carpets to get rid of the stains and unpleasant odors. Although the carpets still need regular vacuuming and local carpet cleaning services once in a while, the thing becomes a lot less messy.

When we are purchasing a luxury flats in south mumbai we try to include all the aspects and factors that can make our investment worth it. The next time you install new carpets, consider some of the following carpet types for your pets. Let this year be a celebration of the bond between you and your pet.

Two Most Important Factors to Consider

Every pet owner is concerned about the safety of their pets as well as carpeted floors. Your fur ball may be the sweetest little angel most of the time but you have to think about the house when they are not so sweet or overexcited. The pets can pull out the fibers or use their claws to damage the fabric. 

Similarly, you have to think about all the possible stains your carpet will endure. The following are the two most important factors you should consider.

1. Durability

Dogs are more aggressive as compared to cats are so are the risks. If you own a dog, you have to purchase a product that can withstand the random fits. The heavier the pet is, the sturdier materials you will need.

 Keep in mind that poor quality carpet fabric can be ruined overnight as a single pulled thread can leave a snag in the fabric. Natural fibers tend to be softer so most of the pet-friendly carpet types you would find are synthetic in nature. They can endure a lot more traffic than their natural counterparts.

2. Stain Resistance

The second most important factor is stain resistance. No matter how well your pet is trained there are going to be accidents. There will be urine spots and some nasty spills. Poop is another possibility you should not ignore. 

Every pet owner would want the stains and odors to leave the carpet as soon as possible. For the best results, you have to think about this issue before you install a carpet and let your pet play on it. 

In this regard as well, synthetic materials again win the race as they are non-absorptive. The stains cannot get into the fabric. Simple vacuuming and wiping the fabric is enough to remove all the odorous molecules. 

Most of us don’t like to dive into the details when it comes to pet poop or urine but here is a simple fact for you. If you can still smell the odor, there are some tiny particles of the excreta attached with fibers. It is disgusting but thanks to professional carpet cleaning services and synthetic carpet materials, odor removal is much more easy and effective.

The Best Materials

1. Nylon

Without any doubt, nylon reigns supreme when it comes to the Residential Carpet Cleaning for pets. It is super affordable and highly durable. It is remarkably effective at enduring stress and strain from your pet's activities. Either they are running around in pure joy or digging imaginary pits of gold, you don’t have to worry.

In rare cases, the nylon carpets act as an irritant to some pets. It may be some medical complication or skin disease so it is best to consult with your vet doctor if you’re pet has any special needs.

2. Wool

Wool carpets are stain-resistant but the high upfront cost is not welcomed by most of the pet owners.

Even when you have bought the best carpet type, extend its useful life by hiring the Best Rug Cleaning Services .