Easy Way to Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6144 on your desktop

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Tips to Fix Quickbooks Error Code -6144 – 82 and 6144 -301 in a Quick manner

Why The Error Code Quickbooks-6144, -301 Is Triggered?

User can see the error is triggered when QuickBooks tries to access the company file, and the access is denied in the process.

What’s the error all about?

The Quickbooks Error Code -6144-301 error does not allow QuickBooks to receive access since you might have damaged the company’s file. Therefore, you cannot open or restore the company file in the process. The error code has been faced by numerous QuickBooks users, and the process of solving the issue is pretty simple. In order to know more, allow this article to offer you the step-by-step solution, to this error code issue.

Solving Quickbooks-6144, -301

Given below is the ultimate method of resolving this issue, and the method is easy and simple. They are

Solution No 1: Restoring the backup of the company file:

1- Open the QuickBooks file menu and click restore company.

2- Click on open a back copy and then press on next.

3- Press on local backup and click on next.

4- Navigate to “look in” the drop-down and click on the backup file’s location.

5- Press on the backup file.

6-  Select Open and then click next.

7-  You will find a “save in” drop-down and there makes your selection where you wish to restore your file.

8- Before you think of saving the file, rename it with a new filename.

9- Click somewhere on the screen and the file will be saved with the new name.

10- Carefully read and respond to all the messages that you happen to see, on the device’s screen before taking the step for the  restoration process.

Solution No 2: Get to recover the lost data with the help of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery:

1- A new folder named QBest will be created on your desktop.

2- The folder where the company file is located will be opened.

3- Locate the .TLG in the company file folder itself.

4- Copy the .TL file from the company’s file folder and paste it into the new folder.

5- Next, go to the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery file, located in the same folder.

6- The .adr files will be copied next and pasted into the QBest folder.

7- Select the .QBW.atr file in the QBest folder.

8- Make sure you get to delete the .adr from the end.

9- Go back to the QBest folder and open the open company file. Perform the Auto Register, in order to check that all the   transactions are there.

10- Press on Utilities and click on verify data.

11- Now, it will easier for you to shift the damage file to some other folder, and transfer the duplicate copy of it to the QBest folder.

The two types of solutions provided among are accurate, and it guarantees to help resolve the problem, with the Quickbooks-6144, -301, and you can choose any one of the solutions to solve your problem. If neither of the solutions, happen to work or you keep facing the same issue, get in touch with the technicians who are masters in fixing, the toughest errors in QuickBooks, in a matter of a second.

Before, you think of performing the troubleshooting solution, make sure you completely understand, on how this Quickbooks-6144, -301 originated form, and what are reasons for its existence. Therefore, with the above-mentioned solutions, it guaranteed you will solve the problem with this error, in no time.

If you are encountering the QuickBooks error 6144 82, you should understand that it is a problem with an easy solution. First and foremost, you should understand that QuickBooks is Software that has shown over time to be very dependable for clients. However, as it is with every functional system, it is not without its drawbacks.

The good news, however, is there is a way out of this situation. This Error will create issues in your task, which you want to perform with your computer. Some of the clear symptoms of this issue include: the window may crash when the QuickBooks error code 6144 83 pops-up. Also, while you may be running this same program, your computer may be crashing with the QB error code 6144 83.

What could be the cause of the QuickBooks error 6144 and 301?

Some of the possible causes of QB errors such include incomplete installation or a corrupted file download of the QB. Another not too distant QB linked change can lead to a corruption of the Windows registry. QuickBooks linked QB files can be delete because of another program. In addition to this, if you come across QuickBooks error code 6144 82, it could well be a direct pointer to the issues that may be bedeviling your server.

It should, however, be noted that errors such as the QB 2014 error 6144 82 are such that can e rectified using the right approach. One easy way to solve the Quickbooks error code -6144 -82 issues, for instance, would be to start the services, while you have the account type changed and create a new QB name and make available the Read/Write option for each of the file created. The next step would be to come up with an outbound/inbound firewall rule and include ports to the new rules for the new outbound regulation.