World Buffs will wow classic gold

Personally, I am so happy that things like Black Lotus and World Buffs will wow classic gold probably be more difficult to come by.

Personally, I am so happy that things like Black Lotus and World Buffs will wow classic gold probably be more difficult to come by. I think a group or cadre of guilds should HAVE to be quite coordinated to be as successful as possible with always that sinking understanding that at any time some troll or some random guy who killed Rend to get the first time ever and is just turning in a pursuit can go and fuck up everything for the same people. You can wager that high end guilds will equipment out mages for AoE farming black lotus and actively trying to prevent them from selling those on the AH.

You're completely right except leading guilds will still require autistic amounts of consumables the farming will just be worse. We can only pray the normies make AH flipping very profitable otherwise esfands guild will not even make it into ouro this time as he will not be able to purchase his guilds slackers flasks.interesting video but bloated and largely pointless. Anybody who ever played on any personal server should know that a lot of the data is just composed to more or less produce an effect similar to what the coders remember from the official game.Putting that aside you spent 26minutes repeating that coders made stuff up, mobs will be stronger and skills weaker. May have said the same thing at not or 10minutes.

I've been speaking about the Dark Lotus item for a little while. I get a laugh once I hear these private server zealots talking about entire raids being flasked all the time and that all these undesirable specs being viable with flasks. These things just weren't readily available back then and those which were available costed a little fortune, not something which was sensible to utilize very often.Also, keep in mind this will do to personal servers. Blizzard will have an even greater argument for law suits again overseas servers. I only say this because I'm already seeing opinions of private server people who are angry at the changes. The WoW Classic community/devs needs to understand a large part of private host individuals and classic due to the $15 charge will not buy wow gold northdale play. They just like being loud online and they won't even try the thing they've been begging for. Not everybody, but a good part of those.