How to watch the "Final Fantasy XIV" letter in the LIVE section of the producer: the expansion of 'Shadow

How to watch the "Final Fantasy XIV" letter in the LIVE section of the producer: the expansion of 'Shadow Sprint', etc.

If you mention the most active MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV must be one of them, and it has always had a thriving fan community. Since the replay of the game with A Realm Reborn in 2013, players have been riding chocobos and killing enemies. You may also need some equipment and FFXIV Gil while participating in an epic raid battle. The 51st letter of the Producer event will invite game development team members to talk about new content to Eorzea. The stream will be broadcast live from San Francisco and showcase the Shadowbringers extensions released on July 2. According to a blog post announcing the stream, the stream will "cover battle system changes and new work actions."

When and where do you watch the producer LIVE Part LI's letter about Final Fantasy XIV? The letter of the producer's event is scheduled to be held at 4:30 pm on May 23, US Eastern Time. However, due to technical issues or unforeseen circumstances, the letter of this event may be delayed. According to the blog post, with the new Shadowbringers gameplay, there will be new information about patch 5.0.0 and the Miscellaneous Announcement. The stream will be translated from Japanese into English, and you will listen to all the information in one of the languages.

The expansion of Shadowbringers is the third expansion of MMORPGs, perhaps the most popular. The player will travel to become a Dark Warrior and continue to follow the main storyline. Players will be able to travel to Norvaldt's overseas world. If you don't know the overseas world, players should prepare enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil to cope with what may happen. Unexpectedly, I left Hydaelyn for the first time.