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Health29 has quickly garnered appreciation as the best medicine online shopping website. Having years of affluent presence as the best pharmacy store, the website has launched its presence all over the country. Call: 09319339659.

Best Pharmacy Store - Online Medicine Shopping

With pressing times like the current coronavirus pandemic, all industries have been focussing majorly on online sales. Further, the introduction of several online applications that make services available at our doorstep has offered ease of life to people. Count in applications like Uber, Ola, or even Zomato, online applications has transformed every possible industry. The trend isn’t just limited to the culinary or transportation business but also the healthcare. Today, several hospitals run their mobile applications that have given users ease to book appointments with their doctors, online.

Now, you can even order medicines online using websites and applications. These websites and applications require you to no longer stand in queues for long hours. Rather, let you choose the medicines of your choice as per your prescription, add them to cart, and help out with seamless and secure payment.


Strengths: Trustworthy, Safe and sound, Affordable

A new name in the healthcare industry with its presence in the capital city of the country, Health29 has quickly garnered appreciation as the best medicine online shopping website. Having years of affluent presence as the best pharmacy store, the website has launched its presence all over the country. Health29 delivers top-notch essentials related to health and well-being at affordable and discounted prices; way better than pharmacy stores in the market. Their quick delivery option delivers your prescription medicines right at your doorstep. With the entire country ailing with the Coronavirus, Health 29 is also offering COVID essentials including oximeters, face masks, thermometers, infrared thermometers, sanitizers, etc., right at your doorstep. The most appreciative feature of the website Health29 is its ability to connect you to a health care specialist who may be eager to help you with the medicines.


Strengths: Reliable and Secure

Do not define the website using the name or you’ll be mistaken. 1mg website is way more than an online medicine shopping website in India for 1 mg medicines. 1mg provides the option of buying all kinds of medicines, healthcare essentials, and devices. While 1mg offers the option to order medicines by uploading the prescription from the doctor, the website is also the best pharmacy store online that gives a detailed overview of every medicine. With the help of the pharmacy store website, you can enter the name of the medicines, and compare for prices with available alternatives that have the same compounds. The website also gives you an interesting option to get assistance from doctors regarding medicines.

Buy Drug

Strengths: Easy to use, Schedule-X and Schedule-Hdrugs available with prescription

An online extension of the popular pharmacy store and a retail giant in the country called the Buy Drug Pharmacy, Buy Drug is a one-stop destination for all medicines. Buy Drug offers an easy UI/UX that engages the user and makes it easy for them to place online orders for medicines using their prescription. One can easily place an order for OTC drugs and prescription drugs. Moreover, Buy Drug is an exclusive online medicine shopping website that has licenses to sell for Schedule-X and Schedule-H drugs under prescription. 


Easy Medico

Strengths: Authentic, Secure, Cash on Delivery available

Another convenient and easy to use online best pharmacy store, Easy Medico will put your fears of searching “medical store near me for home delivery” away. Offering prescription drugs at the best prices and within hours of ordering, Easy Medico has been satisfying customers since 2012. They have served more than 5, 00,000 customers till now and have an online presence that can be accessed by even remote and small areas. Easy Medico has been working towards simplifying the healthcare retail medicine supply chain by creating a Truly Omni-channel retail platform that serves as the perfect online medicine shopping website and pharmacy store.


Strengths: Genuine, Reachable, Cashless

Yet another prominent online medicine shopping website that offers prescription medicines and drugs at slashed, reduced prices, delivered right at your doorstep is MediBuddy. Assuring genuine medicines from known brands and authorized business partners, MediBuddy has been helping people from Bangalore to Vishakapatnam and Chandigarh. Open round the clock for the benefit of people, MediBuddy can be reached using their email or even helpline numbers. MediBuddy gets your prescription medicines easily delivered right at your doorstep and gives you the flexibility to makes cashless orders.


Strengths: Highly qualified Netmed staff, Cashback options, Easy to use

Popular Online Pharmacy store for online medicine shopping in India, Netmed only requires users to upload their prescriptions to avail of the medicines they need. Available PAN India, Netmed is associated with plenty pf pharmacy stores spread all across the country, making it easy for customers to get deliveries at the time of their need. Apart from giving the feature to upload prescriptions and get deliveries all across India, Netmed also gives you the chance to rate the medicines and track your order. The website and application also come with the feature to get details related to the usage and side effects of the medicines.

The listed pharmacy Stores and with an online medicine shopping website or application have turned out to be a blessing for mankind during the pandemic. If you are tired of searching for an authentic, easy to use and affordable “medical store near me for home delivery,” tune in to any of the given online best pharmacy store in the list and avail the benefits of getting your medicines right at home.

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